I’m Getting Tired Of….

Of Flo the insurance gal. She’s a sweetheart and all, but she’s run her course, I think. Vampires. Mean people—people who get some kind of weird-assed pleasure in causing pain and heartache in others. People who care so little about themselves and their time on Earth that they effectively stopped learning when (if?) they graduated high school. Best example? The kind of person who would ask someone why they are reading a book or someone who actually believes in the mythical right-wing idea of Too Much Education. Country music that has no “country” in it. I watched the recent CMA awards and there was not a single shit-kicking moment in the whole show. And I don’t even really like country music! Cars that all look alike. When I was a kid, you could tell a Ford from a Chevy from a Chrysler coming a block away. Today, you can’t tell for sure what kind of a car you are next to at a traffic light. I don’t like tennis shoes that make you look like a space man or a reptile. Can’t I just please get a simple white shoe without gills or lightning bolts or vents or rocket boosters on it? I’m sixty, for crying out loud! Drive-through restaurants that mess up your order. If they’re just going to […]