Can We Still Enjoy the Art?

I’m having a hard time with the cleansing of Hollywood and everything that’s been going on, recently. I understand we should listen to the Women. We should believe them. I’m a little uncomfortable with the idea that we shouldn’t question them, though. And I wonder… How long does the accused have to sit out in this kind of a situation? We’ve built a carefully designed criminal justice system in this country and it’s difficult to see how a lot of this isn’t side-stepping that system. Typically, if someone is accused of stealing something, they are arrested. They go to court. Their case is argued from both sides and they are either let go or sentenced to something. A prison sentence, a fine, or maybe both. But in this case, that isn’t happening. So, how does this play out? I believe every story I’ve heard so far—even the ones against people I have been terrific fans of for years and years, for some reason. But I worry that someone, some day, is going to step over the line and a life is going to get ruined without recourse and without any end date. Let me say this: I’ve always thought it was weird that people would want to forgive Michael Jackson because he made what they thought of a great music. […]